You Me We Us

You the epitome of beauty you are love in its EVERY form definition called the same in every language you are the upper Eschelon of ALL things great and Small for those do add up I hold your hand in all that you do wish you well a gentle kiss upon your forehead Go getContinue reading “You Me We Us”

This Is What I’m Doing

I don’t know what all it takes not sure if I’ve even scratched the surface yet but I’ll tell you it doesn’t feel like it Feels like I got a long way to go but I don’t think I care I think I’m just interested in the ride. ~KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO


Not just coming out and saying what you want to ask to me is not cool I shouldn’t have to ask, especially if you said you were going to do it but Most of all I shouldn’t have to put all these pleasantries on top of it either why can’t I just ask Who saidContinue reading “Ask”

A Life Line

I don’t know I almost want to save it up I think I can take it for now when things get rough I want to have enough chances so that If I need to use a life line I can ~ Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO Kai Mann © 2014

She is Brilliant

You have to look at people’s brilliance you can only see it when you’re paying attention celebrate it and let it touch you that’s how we help replenish each other we need it like a car needs gas to keep going when we run out I haven’t seen nothing like it and if you don’tContinue reading “She is Brilliant”