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Self-Awareness Guide

Positive and purposeful, Kai is an Herbalist, Astrologer, Content Creator, Author, and Entrepreneur. Kai has a keen ability to provoke thought, trigger change and enlighten the lives of others. They strive to empower and educate others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation using Astrology, herbal remedies and other spiritual and metaphysical modalities.

In 2011, they published their debut novel, 30 Day Notice under their own publishing company, Scriblical Vibez, LLC. Their sophomore literary project, Abandoned Property, released in 2013, the same year that Mann helped produce a document series, Out Loud in the D. The documentary highlights the daily lives of African-Americans in the LGBT community.

In early 2015 Kai found it necessary to use their platforms and influence as a change agent to educate, empower and build bridges. They began to plant seeds into two creative ideas that their spirit was undoubtedly passionate for. One was to create a network of everyday people that would inspire the world to change and transform called ‘Elevation Nation Media Group’.  Elevation Nation Media Group would be the vehicle used to construct an internet TV network called “The Live Network” The second seed planted was a masterful, organic company called Eyeology INC.  Eyeology INC the glue to both Scriblical Vibez Publishing and Elevation Nation Media Group serves the authentic tribe of gifts used to populate both companies in unique and innovative ways.

In late October Kai Mann, owner of Elevation Nation Media Group presented to the world the first of two of its inspired developments called “Conversations With Kai Mann” and “Ready Set Flow”. Conversations With Kai Mann, an internet talk show that bridges the gaps in society by conversing with today’s thought leaders, spiritual leaders, transformational speakers, authors, artists, movement shakers, and moment takers. This unique show places light out into the world by speaking with guests whose lives have transformed in inspirational ways.

Ready Set Flow the second inspired development, a poetic gumbo of sorts, highlights and exposes the brilliancy and energy behind some of today’s talented poetic voices and brings awareness to what’s happening poetically in the beautiful city of Detroit. The show introduces you to ten phenomenal poets, wordsmiths and spoken word artists whose powerful Spoken Word Artistry, mind blowing metaphors, and uniquely delivered pieces to incite a ‘Movement’.

What I Do
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  • Producer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Herbal Guide
  • Conscious Content Creator
  • Author
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  • Astrology

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