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Helping you grow and become more self-aware as you live life more authentically using astrology and other holistic modalities.

About Kai

Kai’s Beliefs

I believe that the earth is ascending to a new level of consciousness, and to be able to ascend with it we must move to a higher state of being. This higher state begins with an innerstanding of the power of ‘Self-Awareness’ and our capacity to have supreme mastery over our conscious and transformational mind.

How I Can Help

Self-Awareness Guide

Helping humanity transition from a civilization based in fear to a love-based culture. I am guided to help others come into a deeper knowledge of self so that we may support each other and heal human culture so that the planet might thrive.

Astrology Sessions

The most important thing right now is to know yourself. One of the best modalities to do this is Astrology. Astrology offers you a deeper look into the blueprint that is you to help you walk your designed path successfully.

Holistic Remedies

To help you integrate the physical with the mental and spiritual the Universe have given us sound and nature has given of itself to heal your every need from within. Its medicinal properties have the capability to cure, protect and maintain homeostasis in the body.


What People Say

I am so thankful for the loving presence of Kai Mann! Kai is a powerful teacher and astrologer. A few months ago, I scheduled an astrology session with Kai. Wow! The information Kai shared to me felt so right and expanded my own sense of aliveness.

Susie Juravich

You’ve done a beautiful job describing this. I particularly appreciated the bit where you spoke of a cross between occult and shaman, because I’m a shaman, but also the rest. Like at the center of the wheel of shaman, occult, spirituality, metaphysics, psychic, etc. I also have Scorpio moon. Of all the ones I watched, I felt yours was the most intuitive and spot on rendering. ❤

Carolina Kent


Recent Posts

  • Fear Speaks Loud
    Fear speaks loudly when you don’t allow people to grow past your comfort zones. Finding fault with people who grow past your understanding, intellect, wisdom or ability to change grow and evolve says more about you than them. You must ask yourself “What am I afraid of? ”
  • Ability to Love Equals Consciousness
    There is no real consciousness without love. Hear me out. Consciousness means the awareness or perception of something. You cannot be aware or perceive a thing if you’re not willing to really look at it consciously. To fully be aware or to perceive something you must care enough to look deeper. That caring is love,Continue reading “Ability to Love Equals Consciousness”
  • Stelliums In Astrology
    Let’s talk about Stelliums in Astrology! Did you know that a Stellium in a natal chart signifies something special about a person? Check out this video to find out more.

Become Aware

To offer a different reality which is more whole and connected to oneness and love, I am here to help you birth a new way that is more aligned with your spiritual path.

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