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Kai, the Kaiologist is a prolific writer and conversationalist that has the keen ability to provoke thought and change. Two words that best describe her are positive and purposeful. Kai is clear, colorful and insightful about the nature of love, human relationships and the human condition. Her words deepen one’s understanding every time they are read or heard. Whether its in the form of a Film or TV production, blog post or article, or Facebook status or tweet. Kai Mann uses her platform to empower and educate others around the world about the nature of self love, self growth, and the importance of self equity that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.  Come and enjoy the world of Kai Kaiology Mann.

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Shadow Work

Stepping into my own shadow relinquishing ways of old that no longer serve me. Hard but necessary. Allowing time to pass as patience sets in to give rise to a new day. Tripping but not falling. Going deeper but never stalling or failing to seek deeper meaning of self. Wanting to understand the shadow that … Continue reading Shadow Work

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