She is Brilliant

You have to look at people’s brilliance you can only see it when you’re paying attention celebrate it and let it touch you that’s how we help replenish each other we need it like a car needs gas to keep going when we run out I haven’t seen nothing like it and if you don’tContinue reading “She is Brilliant”

Know Someone

It takes some time to know a person I am not sure if it’s paying close attention because people change without knowing that they are just by the mere touch of another ┬átheir words their actions their thoughts Can change you Change the shape of who you are and sometimes you don’t realize it soContinue reading “Know Someone”

Life Wasn’t Made For Repeat

  It’s important to be To be honest on both occassions The point is to be authentic no matter what I don’t know yet if anyone else Really appreciates it or if I appreciate it more No matter what I want to be honest Sometimes I am more honest than I really meant to beContinue reading “Life Wasn’t Made For Repeat”

They Have Been Given To Me

They have been given to me All those lives that I touch I’m supposed to write something to them that means so much They have been given to me So that I may touch their hearts I’m supposed to say something that makes their lives seem less far apart They have been given to meContinue reading “They Have Been Given To Me”