Repetition can be the creator or destroyer of our world. Our words on repeat reverberate the frequency of our now existence. Bringing life and death through the sound of manufactured utterances that control the future that becomes the now. The present of a moment designed between syllables traveling cords, vibrating through organs to break habitsContinue reading “Repetition”


It’s always a blessing to be in a space where others outside of you know your value and take the opportunity to act upon it. To have someone send for you because they can. The moment you realize that someone sees your value is when you begin to notice the things they do to investContinue reading “Downloads”

This Too Is A Part of Self Care

If you’re going to get ‘real’ with yourself, you must get naked to do so. That’s the only way to get a good look. Every 7 years or so like clockwork, “It’s time to change”.  I had been asking source to lead me higher or deeper whichever is next.  My higher self whom I loveContinue reading “This Too Is A Part of Self Care”

Hurt People, Hurt People

Something I’ve been doing all of my life intentionally is seeking to learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. As a Scorpio, transformation is part of my make-up. My sun sign sits in my first house so it is inevitable that I require knowledge of self to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose andContinue reading “Hurt People, Hurt People”

My God, is that me?

“At Some point, we have to open our own closet, look inside at the skeletons and begin to examine them one by one.” -Kai Mann Standing in the shadows of ourselves those in close proximity like mirrors hold images in which we can see ourselves through their actions. My God, is that me? Do IContinue reading “My God, is that me?”

What If This “Is” The Way

Today, in this evening is shared moments between baby boy and I. I haven’t called him that but he and I are sharing space right now and it’s actually quite beautiful. The sun is going down and on the TV is And Bosley is going back and forth between he and I to play asContinue reading “What If This “Is” The Way”