Embracing Preparedness: The Lost Art of Practicing for Life

Do you remember those moments in childhood when we used to rehearse conversations or scenarios that hadn’t even happened yet? The anticipation of a potential situation would lead us to mentally prepare for every possible outcome. Yet, somewhere along the road to adulthood, that practice seemed to fade away. We stopped envisioning and rehearsing, assumingContinue reading “Embracing Preparedness: The Lost Art of Practicing for Life”

Breaking the Cycle: Healing Mother Wounds for Future Generations

The impact of a mother’s sound reverberates across generations, shaping familial dynamics and influencing the emotional landscape of descendants. Mother wounds, stemming from unresolved traumas or unmet needs in maternal relationships, have a profound effect on future generations. Yet, by acknowledging these wounds and actively working to heal them, we can break the cycle andContinue reading “Breaking the Cycle: Healing Mother Wounds for Future Generations”

Unveiling the Invisible Scar: Understanding Mother Wounds and Their Manifestations

In the intricate tapestry of our lives, the relationship with our mother often weaves the most defining threads. As much as it can be a source of nurturing and love, it can also leave behind wounds that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. These “Mother Wounds” are emotional and psychological imprints stemming from variousContinue reading “Unveiling the Invisible Scar: Understanding Mother Wounds and Their Manifestations”

Harnessing Planetary Hours for Manifestation

Ever felt like time holds a hidden power? Well, I believe that planetary hours are the secret sauce! Imagine harnessing the right cosmic energy each day to manifest your dreams – whether it’s acing that test, landing that dream job, or just spreading good vibes. It’s like this: each day is divided into planetary hours,Continue reading “Harnessing Planetary Hours for Manifestation”

Understanding All the Zodiac Signs: A Key to Knowing Ourselves and Others

Hey everyone! Have you ever thought about how different we all are? It’s like each person has their own special way of being and acting, kind of like the different signs in the zodiac! You might have heard of your “sun sign,” but did you know that we actually have all the zodiac signs inContinue reading “Understanding All the Zodiac Signs: A Key to Knowing Ourselves and Others”

Birth Chart: Train Up a Child

I ask a couple of questions in the video below that I feel I can ask because I didn’t.  I didn’t know my own power; I didn’t really know who I was. However, I tried to raise my children the same way most people do, with love and no real wisdom of who I wasContinue reading “Birth Chart: Train Up a Child”

Are you Triggering Your Children?

Parents of adult children. How “self aware” are you? Are you aware enough to know when you are or have triggered your children? Are you able to admit your own faults and where you could’ve done better or that you only knew what you knew. Have you ever apologized to your children? There is noContinue reading “Are you Triggering Your Children?”

Strategies of High Vibrational Libras

Here are some strategies that high vibrating Libras incorporate into their daily lives to effectively manage their work, relationships, and personal growth while minimizing the risk of becoming overwhelmed. Now remember, everyone has Libra in their chart but if you have Libra as your Sun, Rising or Moon sign this information pertains to you asContinue reading “Strategies of High Vibrational Libras”

You Were Born to Win

Self-Awareness Guide V.s. Astrologer