Reflection (2017) Part 2

2017 was like that mother that beat you into submission, but then sat you down to explain ‘why’. Once you understood why it was whipping you into shape, you knew that it wanted you to climb higher into your next level of consciousness. It was the year that demanded you learn. Learn more about yourselfContinue reading “Reflection (2017) Part 2”

Reflection (2017)

There are years in one’s life that will most certainly be remembered. 2017 is that year for me.  It was the year that everything that I thought I knew was tested. About myself, the people around me, and the systems that I had once relied upon to get me through every moment of the day.Continue reading “Reflection (2017)”

You Me We Us

You the epitome of beauty you are love in its EVERY form definition called the same in every language you are the upper Eschelon of ALL things great and Small for those do add up I hold your hand in all that you do wish you well a gentle kiss upon your forehead Go getContinue reading “You Me We Us”

The Pink Print

Forgive me if I’m late but I am so digging Nicki Minaj’s new album I’m older and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we had some great female artists (rap) She is clever it’s so genius I tend to listen to all kinds of music and I like music thatContinue reading “The Pink Print”


We have these ideas or messages that we have that we want to put out into the World but before we do we have to dress it up before we present it it loses some of its value when we do I just realized that how much it loses its effectiveness it’s magicalness and someContinue reading “Pretenses”

A Life Line

I don’t know I almost want to save it up I think I can take it for now when things get rough I want to have enough chances so that If I need to use a life line I can ~ Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO Kai Mann © 2014

In the Light

It’s something being in the light you look at yourself differently you have to when you walking in the light everything is exposed so you have to do something about it ~Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO