Love Notices

I used to love love like that I’m not sure I know what happened I do but I don’t understand what effect that has on me I’m talking bout that love that’s soul quenching and more that tugs at you from within dragging everything else out that kind of love that takes you through itContinue reading “Love Notices”

She is Brilliant

You have to look at people’s brilliance you can only see it when you’re paying attention celebrate it and let it touch you that’s how we help replenish each other we need it like a car needs gas to keep going when we run out I haven’t seen nothing like it and if you don’tContinue reading “She is Brilliant”


Everyone who you think doesn’t want to be there does Know that everything and everyone isn’t for the wrong thing Some people in the world are right But you have to pay attention and listen to your intuition because it knows it tests spirits

Know When

You gotta know when You gotta know when to be mad and when to stay cool if you’re going to make it though because you don’t have energy for bullshit So pay attention Open your eyes and see See who’s there and where they’re at And what they’re doing Ain’t nobody got time for that mess. Feel likeContinue reading “Know When”