You Me We Us

You the epitome of beauty you are love in its EVERY form definition called the same in every language you are the upper Eschelon of ALL things great and Small for those do add up I hold your hand in all that you do wish you well a gentle kiss upon your forehead Go getContinue reading “You Me We Us”

Radical Transformation

Shifting isn’t always easy… It is not easy to change you have to be in agreement with it in order to do so otherwise it’s a fight to the death but even when you’re in agreement sometimes the nakedness of the change effects you like cool air when you’re not feeling warm & fuzzy butContinue reading “Radical Transformation”


Sometimes I feel naked exposed skin bare with nothing on it to lotion that would soothe to a piece of linen but at the next moment or sometimes at the same time clarity will come in and tell you “Don’t run” allow yourself to feel it experience it and grow through it. I’m on theContinue reading “Naked”

Don’t Rush It

Everyone comes into your life for a reason a part of me wants to know why too soon I decide not to go that route and just let whatever unfold take my time instead of rushing anything I’m starting to feel like I like it better that way I tell myself to pay attention and keepContinue reading “Don’t Rush It”

I’ll Wait

I want it but I’ve learned not to rush it that just means something isn’t ready either I ain’t ready or the time isn’t right or something I’ll wait (I am not rushing nothing anymore. I’d rather get it right.) ~Kai2pointO


We all come into this world who we are meant to be the longer we live we’re supposed to learn how to use those gifts inside of us to maneuver in the world Some gifts seem like weaknesses but they aren’t they are really your strengths when you discover how to use your weaknesses to yourContinue reading “Weaknesses”

Know Someone

It takes some time to know a person I am not sure if it’s paying close attention because people change without knowing that they are just by the mere touch of another  their words their actions their thoughts Can change you Change the shape of who you are and sometimes you don’t realize it soContinue reading “Know Someone”