Battling the EGO

Sometimes our EGO can become activated when someone says or does something to us or someone we love. often it says that is about “us” when it really is about “them” and some triggers from some type of trauma: childhood or otherwise. How we react from it tells us if we are walking in EGO or not.

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My “Divine” self

I believe in telling my whole truth and nothing but my truths. I love the multifaceted spirit that I am. I used to have trouble with the way that I was, the deep penetrating spirit that I am. The seriousness at times that I hold because of the intensity that is within. But, I’ve learned that all of that makes up the beauty of the many layers that make up “me”. I embrace all of me. My light, my darkness, my Divine Feminine, my Divine Masculine, my mistakes, errors, imperfections, the way I love, who I love and all that is within my spirit and the vessel that holds my spirit. I embrace it all and have come to such a place of Divine Respect for who I am. I am a healer, a transformationalist, a warrior, a Shaman, and an intuitive balance of light and darkness. I’ve learned the power of balancing both as well as the feminine and Masculine aspects of “self” and do not hold any “shame” because of either and the way in which they flow, when they flow or even how they flow. It’s all me, my Divine “self”.

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Team Scorpio : The Scorpio Journey

#TeamScorpio It’s Scorpio season. Time for deep introspection, death of the old, rebirth of the new and TOTAL Transformation! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Scorpios here’s your chance to take a look into the Scorpio Journey. These beings or Soul Group came into this incarnation to transform themselves, the energies around them anything they come in contact with. Dubbed the Shamans and the Alchemists of the zodiac watch this video to find out why.

If you know a Scorpio, or are
One yourself or have family members who are Scorpios share this video with them.

The Importance of Empowering Others

In my life there have always been others who have assisted me on my path to transformation whether that Soul knew it or not. Beautiful as they all have been, their entry added a ‘peace’ rooted into the very fiber of the becoming of me since the very beginning of Life until now. Many of them, women who have joined me on my journey to self discovery; transitioning into spaces that would seem to not fit but after all being sheer perfection. A running theme in my life because of the day and time of my birth equals Transformation, Rebirth and Death. Which means that I have walked in my purpose most times without consciously knowing it. But as I began to understand who I am it all makes sense. My life has been pre-designed to fill something only I can fill, just as everyone’s life has come to do the same. And that is why I found that what I do is important and this beautiful Spirit Weam Namou Yatooma captured it as she has so many others. Thank you Weam for sharing my story, my thoughts and essence with your viewers you are simply put a Woman of true Empowerment embodying Life at its greatest form in human experience. Thank you, thank you… Thank you. I am grateful. 🙏🏿

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Going Back To School

In 2018 I was called home to support my niece while she and my nephews celebrated the home going of my sister. My sister’s birth into the next life initiated a path taken on the journey of self discovery that I was already on but it made me take an even deeper look at the life that I had lived in my hometown. It was a past life that yielded a plethora of emotions as I went back through memories. I drove around the city remembering places that I had once gone, I even went back to my old high school and to the school where my mother had worked during my childhood. A place where I had spent days during some summers. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of the paths on the journey that I’ve been taking these past 13 months. It has truly been a world wind of emotions and expressions of growth.

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You Get It From Your Mama

It’s time to heal the family, whatever that looks like for you and yours. Kai talks individuality and allowing our children to be who they are. And, how that most of who we are comes from our Mothers as she is the one many of us spend most of our time with. It is the design of the mother to create and it is time to understand that Divine Feminine energy and place.