Conversations With Kai Mann

Show Description:

Conversations with Kai Mann is a talk show series that delivers timely messages from today’s authors, community leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, spiritual leaders, and thinkers. The show’s theme is centered on connecting with ourselves on a deeper level so much so that we inspire others to live a life of personal happiness, fulfillment, spirituality, and consciousness.

Watch the show weekly for thought provoking, eye-opening, and inspiring guest and content.

Show Mission:

There is something about the open expression and exchange of ideas and stories that helps us to explore something other than ourselves that actually helps us to discover ourselves. The show’s mission is to tell authentic stories as intimately as possible to cause immediate healing in the lives of our viewers, as well as the host and guests. The mission of these conversations is to cause sincere and genuine change where people begin to dialogue openly by sharing life stories that would ultimately transform lives.

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We are all connected. Not just by our ethnicity, culture, affiliations, religion, financial status, sexual orientation, or background; but by our humanity. Join me on the Conversations With Kai Mann show as I bridge the gaps by bringing to you sensational interviews with guests who will share their stories and messages of success, life, love, hope, faith, spirituality, and transformation.


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If you would like to share your story with our Conversations With Kai Mann audience please fill out the contact form below.

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