Kai Mann Talks Ready Set Flow

Kai Mann talks Ready Set Flow, the second show that premiered on The Live Network in October of 2016.



Produced by: Lenderrick Jones
Executive Produced by: Kai Mann
Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh

The Vehicles To Change

Some time ago I began to understand that I was purposed to be an Inspirationalist; an agent for self-love, self-growth, and change. The platform and ideas the creator would give to me later became vehicles to be used to empower the world to change, build, and grow.

In early 2015 I began to plant seeds into two creative ideas that my spirit was undoubtedly passionate for. One was to create a network of everyday people that would inspire the world to change and transform through their undeniable gifts. Recently I realized that this passion had started long ago. As a young adult I had always been a person of inspiration from the loving words of encouragement to loved ones that I’d give, to becoming an adult and writing books, posts or articles that would question others to delve inside themselves; many of which I would pose through social media. The vehicles began to grow as a strategic plan came from within to construct an internet TV network called The Live Network through a company I would start called Elevation Nation Media Group.  That however was not the beginning though. Through starting a company in 2011 called Scriblical Vibez Publishing, it became apparent that I be intentional about publishing the works of inspirational and transformational authors who dared to scribe with a certain type of vibe.  From SVP a masterful, organic company called Eyeology INC was bornEyeology INC is the glue to both Scriblical Vibez Publishing and Elevation Nation Media Group. It seeks to serve the authentic tribe of gifts used to populate both companies in unique and innovative ways. Eyeology INC assists in the building of The Live Network from a branding, coaching, marketing and promotions stand point to a media based platform that would allow for a visual component to boost the reach of each individual or brand through content driven shows, shorts, commercials, video profiles, documentaries, and movies.

This fall Elevation Nation Media Group presented to the world the first of two of its inspired developments in late October called “Conversations With Kai Mann” and “Ready Set Flow”. Conversations With Kai Mann, an internet talk show that bridges the gaps in society by conversing with today’s thought leaders, spiritual leaders, transformational speakers, authors, artists, movement shakers, and moment takers. This unique show places light out into the world by speaking with guests whose lives have transformed in inspirational ways.


Ready Set Flow another inspired development, is a poetic gumbo of sorts, created to highlight and expose the brilliancy and energy behind some of today’s talented poetic voices while bringing awareness to what’s happening poetically in the beautiful city of Detroit. To show that the city is filled with creative geniuses whose genius is sometimes overshadowed by how its portrayed in the media. This season introduces you to ten phenomenal poets, talented wordsmiths and spoken word artists whose powerful Spoken Word Artistry, mind blowing metaphors, and Uniquely delivered pieces incites a ‘Movement’. This ‘Movement’ begins in Detroit and is scheduled to soon capture poetry in every major city in the U.S. To watch these shows you can tune in by logging on to http://www.watchthelivenetwork.com/.

Currently Elevation Nation Media Group is looking for individuals, brands, businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs to sponsor and or support The Live Network. Your generous gift allows Elevation Nation Media Group the ability to explore new ideas and new worlds through innovative online programming and television. Together, as a supporter, we can offer trusted motivational and transformational programming today, tomorrow, and in the future. Please send a PayPal donation to paypal.me/EYEENMGSVP

Don’t forget to watch ‘The Live Network’ at www.watchthelivenetwork.com

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where there is LIGHT

where there is LIGHT

there is LOVE

there is warmth

a safe space

a time of healing

comes from light

energy focused on

shedding the old

to get to the new

we get distracted

just as we’re about to

see a bit of light

keep going

into the light

Evolve Stretch Grow

to get to the next Dimension

the funny part is

we’ve all got to go

or we’re not going to

make it


Don’t be distracted by what

you’re uncomfortable with

fearful of

there’s no such thing

that can overtake you

open up to the light

let it in

illuminate your heart

show through

your skin

resonate in your being

and allow

others the same

walk in light

in peace

where there is LIGHT

there is LOVE



That’s how you do it

We didn’t finish our love story

Somewhere as it was unfolding

I let go

I thought I was ready

I understand that this is what

this season is for

getting back to you

I think I’m falling in love

with you



without even really knowing it

I’m falling in love with you


you made me love you

showing yourself to me

revealing me to me

Opening my heartstrings up wide

for all to see

I don’t even care

but that’s how you do it don’t you



that kind of love that doesn’t

want to go another second

let alone minute

to not

have a misunderstanding


kind of love that says

lets fix it so it doesn’t

hurt us later. That’s that

kind of love. love so good

make your heart swell

all i do

you do

we do


#Kaism #Kai2pointO



Sometimes I feel naked


skin bare

with nothing on it

to lotion

that would soothe

to a piece of linen

but at the next moment

or sometimes

at the same time

clarity will come in

and tell you

“Don’t run”

allow yourself to feel it

experience it

and grow through


I’m on the way

to grown up love


#Kaism #Kai2pointO



It still is

Love is amazingly


it is all that ever was

and ever

shall be

love is light

not heavy



in it’s


love is all

there ever

shall be

even what


it’s presence

is no longer

in the


but it




they’re all so very different

let’s all work


we all do something


we’re fighting about

doing something

we aren’t even

supposed to




instead of


on what

we do and

how we

do it

and let’s use what we


to make our own


not trying to do what

someone else is

supposed to do

Do your thing

and you don’t

have to mess with

anyone else about

how they do what they’re

doing, either

cause you focusing on what you doing

and you not interested

so it doesn’t matter





What would you do?

What do you do when something hits you

when something

presents to you as you

as the essence of your


things you’ve hoped



it came at the “wrong”


would you take it

or would you

let it go?

Talk Tuesday ~ Residuals

Talk to me later

after the residuals

of life

have dropped


the ankle



hanging on to your journey


dirt on


about to




not always


one would think

because it




You could do this one of two


pick this up


put that down

That’s so hot to me

the need to

resolve issues

right as they happen

addressin’ em’

as to let go



Sometimes you don’t even

know what you want

until you get it