Kai Mann Talks Ready Set Flow

Kai Mann talks Ready Set Flow, the second show that premiered on The Live Network in October of 2016. http://www.watchthelivenetwork.com elevationnationmedia.com Produced by: Lenderrick Jones Executive Produced by: Kai Mann Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh

The Vehicles To Change

Some time ago I began to understand that I was purposed to be an Inspirationalist; an agent for self-love, self-growth, and change. The platform and ideas the creator would give to me later became vehicles to be used to empower the world to change, build, and grow. In early 2015 I began to plant seedsContinue reading “The Vehicles To Change”

where there is LIGHT

where there is LIGHT there is LOVE there is warmth a safe space a time of healing comes from light energy focused on shedding the old to get to the new we get distracted just as we’re about to see a bit of light keep going into the light Evolve Stretch Grow to get toContinue reading “where there is LIGHT”

That’s how you do it

We didn’t finish our love story Somewhere as it was unfolding I let go I thought I was ready I understand that this is what this season is for getting back to you I think I’m falling in love with you Slowly intently without even really knowing it I’m falling in love with you GentlyContinue reading “That’s how you do it”


that kind of love that doesn’t want to go another second let alone minute to not have a misunderstanding that kind of love that says lets fix it so it doesn’t hurt us later. That’s that kind of love. love so good make your heart swell all i do you do we do #grownuplove #KaismContinue reading “#grownuplove”


Sometimes I feel naked exposed skin bare with nothing on it to lotion that would soothe to a piece of linen but at the next moment or sometimes at the same time clarity will come in and tell you “Don’t run” allow yourself to feel it experience it and grow through it. I’m on theContinue reading “Naked”


they’re all so very different let’s all work together we all do something different we’re fighting about doing something we aren’t even supposed to be doing distracted instead of focusing on what we do and how we do it and let’s use what we do to make our own way not trying to do whatContinue reading “Right”

Talk Tuesday ~ Residuals

Talk to me later after the residuals of life have dropped off the ankle the wrist hanging on to your journey like dirt on silver about to be polished Residuals not always good one would think because it remains it should You could do this one of two ways pick this up or put thatContinue reading “Talk Tuesday ~ Residuals”