What Else Would We Do

We can want it that way

but what else would we do with that

opposition is a good thing

it challenges you to do it better

find another way

and just

pretty much grow

It expands you

We would all be little people if we didn’t run into opposition

every once in a while

I wonder why I’m thinking about this

is it that because I’m not

up against it right now

I’m preparing myself for it

because we know it’ll come

and we have to be ready

or is it that I should

just not be careful

and let whatever happens?


No, I won’t

Tried that!

that doesn’t work

let’s think some things through

so we’ll have better outcomes

sometimes no matter how much

you’ll be prepared for it

it won’t

pretty much stop you

on the one day

you don’t have your pride

and dignity with you

when your resistance is low

and you might not be

as positive as you’ve been

preparing to be

you better take a breath

start pausing before you answer questions

not because you want to be sure

to say what they want to hear

but what you’re really feeling

in a way that’s not offensive

but truth

that no one can deny


pentopad 2nd cover

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