Time Winding Down

I see the time winding down but I still sit and I wait my heart wants to beat faster but I slow it down teaching it to wait It’s workin’ but the time still ticks every time it remembers the time how close it is my heart wants to pant wants my breathe to shortenContinue reading “Time Winding Down”

Forgive It

All I should ever need is this this to fill me to let go this to eat this to sleep this giving giving of self and receiving it back at the same level nothing more nothing less I breathe in the past I don’t try to rush it out past the edge of my lungsContinue reading “Forgive It”

A Tear Might Fall

I feel so deep at times that if I breathe in too deep a tear might fall ~Kaiology A Tear Might Fall, Kai Mann © 2014     (bonus) I hear them in love call each other something they wouldn’t in front of others but affectionately call each other bitch (in private) with laughter with loveContinue reading “A Tear Might Fall”

What Else Would We Do

We can want it that way but what else would we do with that opposition is a good thing it challenges you to do it better find another way and just pretty much grow It expands you We would all be little people if we didn’t run into opposition every once in a while IContinue reading “What Else Would We Do”


Most times I am driven by passion. It is my muse It takes my breathe away It gives me hope to keep going To move my feet even when the ground is shaky It tells me not to be afraid Passion loves me It tells me to go on anyway in spite of and beContinue reading “Passion”


Love was so strong It made it hard for me to breathe But I wanted to I wanted to try To breathe So hard i don’t know what happened It’s like We both stopped Breathing I still can’t breathe I wonder why We forget To breathe Breathing was good Breathing Filled you up From theContinue reading “Breathe”