Talk Tuesday ~ Do Better

I had a conversation like I haven’t had in a long time. If you knew me, you’d know that I love to listen to good conversation. I wonder for a moment where that person went, it’s been so long. I used to be a good listener and last night reminded me just how much I do love it. Listening to hear the experiences of others; pieces of their journeys shared from their lips to my ears. I always get something, mostly confirmation.

I woke up this morning after listening to the most wonderful and poignant, and sincerely relevant to this current time, conversation. A conversation so real that you couldn’t help but listen. We talked about a myriad of things but what was interesting to me was to hear how deficient some of us are. Not just that, but how there are those of us who aren’t deficient in that particular area have decided to keep going. Sometimes wanting to stop to pick a few people up but the higher you go you aren’t warranted to do so. My question was “why” why are we so deficient in our thinking and ultimate doing. Why are we prone to not seek, no, require of ourselves to do more. To do better. Although I ponder that question it was stated that people don’t know. They just say and do some of the darnedest things at the darnedest times because they don’t know any better. I chuckled in amazement as in disbelief but with careful thought you realize how sad it is that we don’t know when to say and do things in its most opportune times.

The time in which we were speaking of was during interviews. Not sure how we got on the subject but we began to talk about the things people say in interviews. So candid at times it’s almost personal. Like people don’t know where to draw the line. I wondered “Don’t they have to take a personal development class in school? Don’t they have to do mock interviews anymore?”  (My mind going through a series of questions?) People can’t keep just going on like this. We know that we have to do something. We don’t always know what to do but we have to do more than just not do anything. We must learn to be more strategic in what we do and say, and when to do and say it. I don’t know any other way around that.

Just as quick as I had thought about the past I began to wonder why or when did we lose the ability to do so? Then my partner questioned our friends in asking “why not still hire the person because you could see how their street skills could benefit the office?” we were speaking of a young lady who we could tell was smart but she just wasn’t office ready from her tone to her gestures. Just then our dear friends both pointed out that we don’t always have time to stop and pick others up. At some point they have to do it themselves because the train is leaving the station and we don’t know how late they will be getting to the destination. Basically, she expects if she is hiring someone for a specific position that they come ready to fulfill all of the attributes of that position. She cannot sabotage the team for one.

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What Else Would We Do

We can want it that way

but what else would we do with that

opposition is a good thing

it challenges you to do it better

find another way

and just

pretty much grow

It expands you

We would all be little people if we didn’t run into opposition

every once in a while

I wonder why I’m thinking about this

is it that because I’m not

up against it right now

I’m preparing myself for it

because we know it’ll come

and we have to be ready

or is it that I should

just not be careful

and let whatever happens?


No, I won’t

Tried that!

that doesn’t work

let’s think some things through

so we’ll have better outcomes

sometimes no matter how much

you’ll be prepared for it

it won’t

pretty much stop you

on the one day

you don’t have your pride

and dignity with you

when your resistance is low

and you might not be

as positive as you’ve been

preparing to be

you better take a breath

start pausing before you answer questions

not because you want to be sure

to say what they want to hear

but what you’re really feeling

in a way that’s not offensive

but truth

that no one can deny


pentopad 2nd cover

Make Sense

It’s crazy to think

that things that

make sense only

make sense for

some things

and not everything

I often wonder


I know it’ll come to me


when I ask

the questions

the answers


Real Talk

Why don’t we talk real


to one another

why don’t we say

what we feel

And when can we

get to the place

where the other

is receiving the words

the way

they were meant.

How do we

get there

By talking


asking questions


waiting for answers

Who’s really listening

I just

want to talk

like that

all of the time


Light or Darkness

Imprints on my heart

Can be seen as scars


seen as


Too afraid

To walk in it

because it doesn’t

seem natural

It’s not the way

others would go


The risk

is necessary

to be


to do something more


to impart words


to ask questions


to produce thoughts

Light or darkness

Walk in without fear