9 Years on WordPress

Thanks for the reminder WordPress. I’ve been writing for years. I remember starting out on blogspot and moving over here to WordPress.

Lately I’ve been speaking with some amazing individuals about the lack of representation of those doing the in-between work. The work between reaching a new level and mastering it. I’ve requested of them to share their experiences to assist others on the same road or path. Some people want to be done before showing the results and that’s okay too, but what I believe is that some of us are visual learners and learn best from seeing someone else do “it”. Whatever” it” is. Spirituality, learning growing, teaching, or whatever; it’s usually ‘messy’ and ‘chaotic’. A time of unknown and uncertainty. Where you look like a kindergartner in 9th grade. And of course you feel uncomfortable unsure if you belong or are supposed to be there. It’s usually a pretty chaotic time. The chaos is usually not shown. It’s kept away from the public eye. Especially not in real time. The looking crazy as you grow through all of the lessons physically and mentally, some having to be repeated because although the message was clear you chose to take a different route. Simply put, some people have to be the ones to be the example. Be vulnerable and open up so that those on the same path may be able to get answers to questions they need, see how something didn’t or did work for you. We are all teachers and students. There’s no room for ego here. I share a lot on my blog’s website. My spiritual journey has been filled with evolving situations. The Universe has required multiple transformations of me. I will never be the same and wouldn’t want to. On my website I share my experiences because I believe in global healing.

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