I have always felt like I was a messenger and so were my children. I’ve always had a spiritual inclination. Always perceptive of things of the spirit ever since I can remember. For the past 16 years I have been breaking myself open to grow and evolve. At every stage there has been difficulty but always a willingness to continue to learn, grow and move on (sometimes we can become complacent and stay one place too long). So, it’s important to be present and move on when it’s time. I take everything as a sign because I believe the Universe is truly conspiring to help us and it does it ‘Your’ way. However it is that you learn, it brings you what you need, want and ask for, to you the way that you learn. I am into spirituality, so I watch things spiritual; like YouTube videos that talk about spirituality or listen to binaural beats, read books about herbs and astrology, smudging and palo santoing (LOL) not a word but you understand. So, Source speaks to me through those channels. I was getting ready to meditate on Tuesday just after I had showered and as I was coming out of the bathroom trying to find some binaural beat to meditate to: the video below came up. I was like “Uhhh, (smacking my teeth together on the left side) I don’t want to meditate off of that. So, I kept scrolling and something kept (well, Source) kept leading me back to meditate from the first video that I didn’t want to meditate from. I said “Okay” because I try to honor (9 times out of 10) how I’m feeling and what’s coming into my field of vision. I believe that when we are in alignment with “All”, “Everything” whatever frequency we’re on there seems to be an energy that guides us on that frequency and when it is time it says, “Come up a little bit higher”. Well, I said all of that to say that I want to share something with you. I want to share these two videos because they are helping me, and I thought maybe they could help you too.

I almost said this ain’t for everybody but that is untrue. Wisdom is for everybody. I put it here because I know that those who were really looking would find it. My meditation was beautiful. I was looking for some instruction because I know everything comes with instructions you don’t just have to learn ‘everything’ by yourself. Some things you can see if someone else knows about it if you’re looking for help and I was looking for help. I am so very grateful. (That whole conspiring thing is true…Thank you Universe)

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