It’s always a blessing to be in a space where others outside of you know your value and take the opportunity to act upon it. To have someone send for you because they can. The moment you realize that someone sees your value is when you begin to notice the things they do to invest in you.  There is honor in that because you know that they value you. The goal should be, for me anyway, to be of value to others and the only way to really know that you are is if they tell you, show you or you can see your words in their actions. It might not even be directly what you said or did, but you know your words, deeds, or actions inspired it.

Keep Growing. Just now, I decided that I want to be an ascended master.

When you think of being your best, greatest, highest self, what are the first words that come to mind? For me I think of having the ability to operate at my highest level all the time no matter what, my word is “consistency”. That is what comes to mind for me. This has been the most difficult if I may be real honest.

It is easier being amongst those that get you. Those that inner stand just who you are and don’t just get it, but love “it”. The more honest we are about ourselves the more like minds we attract to us. We must not focus on those that mind who we are. Don’t be frightened that your Tribe won’t come. Life is a blessing and the more you allow yourself to experience it (all of it) then you’ll always be in the right place at the right time.

This past weekend was something for the books. I got to enjoy first and foremost, and work with this amazing couple shown in the picture above. I am always honored to have them in my presence. I get to sit at the feet of living legends. I am so, so, so, very honored and proud to be in intimate spaces with these two. The conversations are so rich, authentic and most of all genuine. I sought out maybe 7 years ago a tribe of people after watching, listening and feeling the types of energy I felt were most needed in my immediate life and it wasn’t very many, but it was enough to help me on this journey and I on the other hand would do the same in return. I’m not looking for excuses when things don’t go as one would think but I’ve learned that it is all good for learning. And when you pay attention, you can do so much more. I am grateful for these two right here. The food was delicious from the beginning to the end. The physical food and the Spiritual food. The energy reciprocated was off the charts. I am HONORED and blessed to say that you both are my TRIBE. Thank you for your hospitality it was soul feeding.

Downloads come at such beautiful times. This weekend my Tribe asked me how I will receive downloads and I told her that I’ve already started. They started that night is what I told her but they actually started Friday while waiting at DFW Airport to board my next flight to their home. It’s amazing how the Universe offers you things to be grateful for out of the blue. This weekend was beautiful. Our kinship went to another level in this Tribal family.

Downloads will allow you to see something deeper than you’ve ever seen before. You know you can control how you feel about things right?

There really aren’t any rules to the game you really can just make it up as you go along. You could allow yourself to be in the flow and not resist its direction. You could just be succumbing to life’s sway.  In a positive way. It’s a shame I have to say that (in a “positive” way), we should all believe in and expect good things to happen to us and for us and not have to add the word “positive” we should just expect that it is. And because of us sometimes. We made the best decision, and it pays off. We have Intuition all the time trying to tell us which way to go. I believe some of us just want to go our own way and ain’t nothing wrong with that. This here is your choice so it’s “all” your own way. If it’s getting you the results you require, then who am I or anyone else for that matter to say anything. But if there’s no clear reward then maybe you should try something different.

I like conversations where they can just flow. They flow back and forth, in and out. They tell stories never before heard and they deepen a connection with every word. I feel the ground shifting underneath me, but I am grounded and that makes me happy. We are on the threshold of something new and I feel the light from its beauty. It’s going to be gooodddd! Anyway, I took a different path. But I’m not going back. Downloads are beautiful. They allow you to see things from a place of growth and evolution and it makes you feel good. How do you receive downloads?

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