Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself
Photo By: Jesse-lee Lang

I sit quietly for a moment or two and ask the universe “What would you have me to do?” The answer is so evident. “Trust yourself”. Looking back at all that I have done in this life, I have spent more time and energy doing the exact opposite. I can remember growing up and even now still hearing the words “follow your first mind.” For a long time I never really knew what that meant until I realized that my first mind was the first thoughts I would think as a response to any question. Had I only decided to listen to that inner voice that speaks to you, telling you how to proceed, that time and energy would not have been wasted. “I hear you” is what I tell myself as I begin to listen to that energy inside of me that seems to always have the answer.

~Trust yourself

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  1. We hear all the time of loving yourself, bettering yourself and so forth and so on, but a level of trust in any relationship depends the love, deepens the appreciation, deepens the soul of any man who does this. love this!

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