The Best

Good morning my love. May God bless you real good today. May his presence give you more than comfort but an expansive dose of love that warms you from the inside out. May your heart be full today. I love you and know that you’re enduring a lot these days but its going to beContinue reading “The Best”


I knew you would come eventually No warning just all of a sudden I guess that’s better because I have to trust my instincts as I develop them more Challenges come but you can recognize them not to be obstacles There would’ve been a time I wouldn’t recognize but I see it now Some things aren’t asContinue reading “Real”

Trust Yourself

I sit quietly for a moment or two and ask the universe “What would you have me to do?” The answer is so evident. “Trust yourself”. Looking back at all that I have done in this life, I have spent more time and energy doing the exact opposite. I can remember growing up and even now stillContinue reading “Trust Yourself”