In the Light

It’s something being in the light you look at yourself differently you have to when you walking in the light everything is exposed so you have to do something about it ~Kaiology #Kaism #Kai2pointO

All That

Sometimes I want to be laid back Sometimes I want to be smooth Sometimes I want to be relaxed An other times I want to be lighter without hearing “She don’t know what she want to be.” “Oh I know all that, I just don’t want to limit myself. “ It’s hard to be yourselfContinue reading “All That”

Human Touch

There is so much to the human touch the human touch can make you feel a spectrum of emotions You could be held in so many ways that will exchange one emotion for another you ever have to take in a deep breath? not the ones where you’re taking in their essence with your nostrilsContinue reading “Human Touch”

Trust Yourself

I sit quietly for a moment or two and ask the universe “What would you have me to do?” The answer is so evident. “Trust yourself”. Looking back at all that I have done in this life, I have spent more time and energy doing the exact opposite. I can remember growing up and even now stillContinue reading “Trust Yourself”