It don’t matter

Just enjoy yourself

I don’t know about anybody else

But I know

I know what I think

Me and God are alright

Don’t nobody know me

like him

No one else has really

seen me


Each day I just

Just choose to ascend

Just a little bit higher

Each and Every day

I don’t want to be

Be bogged down

down with negative conversation

unproductive words

product of

uncaring spirits

Spirits that want to

be distracted

Distracted by

“Any” thing

I don’t want to do that

I hate it when

when someone tries

to do that

Ugh! that just hurts me

I smile and don’t say nothing

And then I think


I don’t want to start

start conversations

about people who

aren’t in the room

Like we not expecting

Expecting them

To walk in

And be

be able to keep talking

That’s so disappointing

let’s not do that

It’s not like

you nor I

aren’t able to

talk about

something else

It’s almost like

some people

they do it

just to see

see if you gonna

say something

You know that

when you open your mouth

they’re going to

run and talk

So you know that keeping

your conversation

only about

you and them



the only two people

that heard



That is exactly what you should do

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