Seeking Messengers

Stagecoach "Mary Fields" Pony Express photo by:
Stagecoach “Mary Fields” Pony Express photo by:

Sparks fly like rows of ammunition

Like storytellers  with messages on a mission

Taking prisoners with no effort to acquit

Spewing prophesy that will make the devil sick

Messengers walking worthy without stumble

Carrying the word in hand without fumble

Standing strong and looking regal

Elevated high like an Eagle

Always showing humility

Not proud because of ability

No words given to strangle

No webs being weaved to tangle

Words falling from the mouth of God

No spoiling or sparing the rod

Efforts not in haste

No words will be waste

Rivers of living waters

Showing refuge to our daughters

Coming to loosen the chains

Flooding down on cities like rain

Chasing the hearts & minds of our sons

Urging them to put down the guns

Raising up the bullets of shame

Deafened by the sound of our name

Words carried on the backs of the old

Seeking to tell the stories that haven’t been told

Opening the ears to those who can’t see

So they can hear the truth that be

Messages sent from times past

We’re living in times that won’t last

Seeking those to teach

Ordained messages to reach

A job description of a messenger’s lot

Possessing the skills to be repeatedly shot

Sparks fly like ammunition

Like storytellers with messages on a mission

Taking prisoners with no effort to acquit

Spewing prophesy that makes the devil sick

© 2013 Kai Mann

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