Business Confession- Consummate Professional

I have to make a confession. Maybe it’s not really a confession and most of you who know me have peeped it out. My partner calls me the consummate professional. I have a serious nature and most people know that but I too have a very silly side as well. My best qualities are that I have a take charge attitude, and laser-like focus when in business. Being the consummate professional, it has been hard for me to be what one would call ‘personable’ while doing business. This has been something that I’ve had to work on intentionally. Most people who I’ve worked with will tell you that I am professional that’s no doubt but I’ve had to learn to be intentional about asking about their day and how they are doing rather than just getting down to business. I understand that most people want to work with people that they like and enjoy so I’ve had to learn to be more personable in my business dealings rather than being all business and not relational. What have you had to work on personally with regards to business acumen?
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