Whitney Houston

Words cannot express how deeply hurt I am over the loss of one of the greatest voices of my time. My only solace is of the many memories I have of laying on the floor in my livingroom as a teenager and playing her albums over and over again. My heart aches for Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina; as one of the toughest things in a young woman’s life is to lose the one thing that reminds them of why they are here, a mother. I literally am holding back tears as I think of how Whitney’s songs would roll through my mind as love’s truth would seem to flow from her lips and course through my veins. We never really know how much we love someone until they are no longer with us and Whitney, I am realizing how much I have loved you. I pray for the spirit of peace and comfort over your family, especially Bobbi Kristina. I also ask that everyone pray over this young lady’s life as she has lost the most valuable gift, a gift that can never be replaced. Peace & Blessings…Kai

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