I Feel A Shift In The Atmosphere…


I feel a shift in the atmosphere…

Have you ever been driving, going on a trip somewhere and you get lost? Before you know it, you have driven miles out of the way and have to turn around to go back and get on the right road. I feel like the atmosphere is shifting, taking us back toward the right direction. I know it doesn’t look like that right now but our movement backwards is taking us back to where we got off the road to love and unity. Somewhere in the 80’s or even earlier maybe, I’m not sure; but our will and capacity to love and support one another has gotten off track. I believe the Universe is designed to shift when we get too far off that road which means that we have to turn around and go back, sometimes past the previous hurt and pain. Sometimes we have to go way out of the way just to get back to the right road and it’s going to be through tough terrain because we went through some rough terrain to get here, but loved ones, we can do it. Change the way that you are looking at what’s going on right now. I challenge you to think solution oriented instead of being sad, hurt, disappointed, disgruntled for too long. I’m not telling you that you can’t be, just don’t stay there. When we do, we increase the number of depression, suicide, trauma and all other negative factors that contribute to our societal woes. These woes have been showing their ugly heads for quite some time now. Let’s not divide ourselves into those who did or those who did not but let’s band together in love and unity to show God, the Universe, or whatever it is that you believe in that we as humans are capable of love. Remember, it’s how you look at a situation that determines how you’ll move from that situation. History has a way of repeating itself but if we’ve grown and evolved as we all say that we have then we should have the answers to our looming perpetual problems. Each of us have been given a purpose in this and when we do what it is that we are passionate about or called to do we’ll win.  The stakes are high! I stress, do what “you’re” called to do and don’t try and make others do what you do, only ask of them for their support in your purpose.

Donald Trump says he’s going to make America Great again but it is not he who will make it great! Painfully we will because we have been forced to, but sometimes that’s the only way that we’ll listen.


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sometimes we hurt ourselves

more than anyone else

could ever

hurt us

looks given

but not

eyelids low

so as not to see the pain


No contact between pupils

when you think

you wonder

how could you

hurt yourself


what are you on



what you’re looking for

you’ll find


and look no more

love you like you

want to be loved

live for you like

you’d want someone else

to live for you

How We Really Feel

I think that too often we won’t tell people

how we really feel

because we’re afraid to hurt their feelings.

We don’t give people enough credit

and we say how much a person can handle

It’s not up to us

Tell your truth

people are strong enough

to handle it

And if it does hurt their feelings

guess what?

they’ll get over it

and might even later tell you

“Thank you”

for sharing that with me.

And if their feelings aren’t hurt

you’ll get over it

when you have enough strength

and you’re ready

to make a change

and to do something


you welcome it

because you know

that when this comes

it’s just a test

and you determine the outcome.


Do What Makes You Happy

KaismThere has to come a time in your life where you just do what makes you happy. Surely, you can get to do that. I finally have decided that I’m going to do just that.

Not trying to hurt anyone else but I just want to do what I want without condemnation or guilt. And I won’t. I won’t look for or seek those feelings out.

There has to come a time in your life where you don’t care what anyone else has to say. You don’t hurt nobody and you don’t want nobody hurting you; so you do what you want to do, because time, is short.

Sometimes we fool ourselves to say that we ain’t supposed to do what we want. We not supposed to be happy. Everybody else is but not us. I won’t play martyr. I don’t know how much time I’ve got left. I’m going to do what I want to do and not feel guilty about it. Not no more.

I feel free to love me and do some things that will allow me to be my most authentic self. That’s what I want in-spite of anything. Whatever anything is.

I don’t want to even hear what others think. If I choose to wear white pants in the middle of winter I’m going to do it because you’re not guaranteed to be here next summer. I’m going to wear what I want, when I want. I don’t want to hear anybody say nothing negative. I’m not looking for it. I don’t care to hear it, because I don’t care about it. I just want to live.

I just want to live and be happy. I want to write, feel free to love me, to find me, so that if and when I can be my best me, for you.

If you want to come along that would be even better; but if not, that’s up to you….I’ll see you!

Whatchu Looking At?

healing_of_the_blind_man_jekelWe don’t really see people because we have short attention spans. We get distracted by their hair and clothing. We’re too busy to see that people are hurt. We are sadder and worse off than they are, (the hurt people) because we`re blind.
We can’t see for looking. looking at the wrong things getting distracted by silliness. Not seeing the real because we’re too afraid to feel for someone else so we allow ourselves to be distracted by their outer appearance while their inner man gets shunned. We don’t want to see what’s real; only what’s fake because if we look at what’s real we might see ourselves. Whatchu looking at?


Whitney Houston

Words cannot express how deeply hurt I am over the loss of one of the greatest voices of my time. My only solace is of the many memories I have of laying on the floor in my livingroom as a teenager and playing her albums over and over again. My heart aches for Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina; as one of the toughest things in a young woman’s life is to lose the one thing that reminds them of why they are here, a mother. I literally am holding back tears as I think of how Whitney’s songs would roll through my mind as love’s truth would seem to flow from her lips and course through my veins. We never really know how much we love someone until they are no longer with us and Whitney, I am realizing how much I have loved you. I pray for the spirit of peace and comfort over your family, especially Bobbi Kristina. I also ask that everyone pray over this young lady’s life as she has lost the most valuable gift, a gift that can never be replaced. Peace & Blessings…Kai