The Importance of Empowering Others

In my life there have always been others who have assisted me on my path to transformation whether that Soul knew it or not. Beautiful as they all have been, their entry added a ‘peace’ rooted into the very fiber of the becoming of me since the very beginning of Life until now. Many of them, women who have joined me on my journey to self discovery; transitioning into spaces that would seem to not fit but after all being sheer perfection. A running theme in my life because of the day and time of my birth equals Transformation, Rebirth and Death. Which means that I have walked in my purpose most times without consciously knowing it. But as I began to understand who I am it all makes sense. My life has been pre-designed to fill something only I can fill, just as everyone’s life has come to do the same. And that is why I found that what I do is important and this beautiful Spirit Weam Namou Yatooma captured it as she has so many others. Thank you Weam for sharing my story, my thoughts and essence with your viewers you are simply put a Woman of true Empowerment embodying Life at its greatest form in human experience. Thank you, thank you… Thank you. I am grateful. 🙏🏿

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