I Miss My Sister

It is with sadness that I realize that you and she have left me. Now I am the Matriarch of this here family. Such a legacy, and with amazingly big shoes to fill. But I believe that you believe that I could do it. My heart is full of such great emotions. Times missed but love never lost. I awaken to dreams of what you left behind, I ask for assistance on how to reach her, how to stay connected to them. You remind me that we are all still grieving, and our loss is what binds us, and our blood is what fuels us. I miss you from way deep. But I promise to step into these shoes and wear them.

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2 thoughts on “I Miss My Sister

  1. Hello Kai,
    How do you let go of the grieving you feel, when you lost a loved one ( 6 year’s ago) When I think of my aunt , tears come to my eyes and pain in my heart as if she passed yesterday. Thanks

    1. There is no set time to grieve, you do what you need to do. I began to realize that my sister had lived the life that she was supposed to live and that her time was up. That was always the plan. It’s the plan for each of us really. And someone else may grieve for us the way that we grieve for them, and I contemplated the feeling I have I wouldn’t want anyone to grieve over me in that way. Especially my sister having been sick for far longer than she has not. I felt relieved in a sense because that meant no more pain. No more suffering. So, I guess for me, I just look at it differently. I’m happy they got their wings. And whether they’re in the position to put in a good word or help me in some way I’d be really grateful.

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