>Who’s On Deck

>One day I let my mind wander, asking “Who’s on deck?”
I really wanted God to tell me if I was the one up next
I had to realize that even though my time might be drawing near
That death was simply not the thing that I should let my mind fear
My thoughts gravitated to all the things in life that I had to do
And when I ran down the list, I realized that I had more than just a few
Now I began to wonder, “How do I fit it all in?”
I instantly thought to myself, thinking, today is the day to begin
I always wanted to do something that would forever help many others
And as always, I wasn’t just thinking about my Children, my Sisters, or my Brothers
But I wanted to reach well beyond them to be the spark in someone’s flame
And if I could give them a word that could help them all the same
So instead of continuing to ask “Who’s on deck?”
I began to change my question to ask “What shall I do next?”
As I began to step forward in faith of all that I had to do
The Creator began providing ways, and I gotta tell you once again, it was more than just a few
In helping others, you’ll come to the knowledge that you’re also helping yourself
And the feelings that you get inside is more than any financial wealth
So instead of letting your mind wander about all the negative things in life
Begin to live while you’re here and try to remain in the fight

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