>One Chance

>There’s only one chance in our lives that we get to become Great
And those that live it, know exactly what it takes
They know when they are distinctively on the verge
Because they feel that mighty surge
Of all that is to come
Right before they become one
With the dream that God has laid
Before they lay down to their grave
They know the truth of that which they have been confessing
The visions of all they have been caressing
The joy in all that it took
They never gave failure a second look
They knew exactly what they had to do
In order to remain true
To the one that gave the dream
They knew who was on their team
They had to be willing to submit
And never did they forfeit
A life that was given
So they and others could keep living
They changed their mental address
And negativity they did not confess
They kept right on doing what they had to
Is that you?

Categories On The Verge Of Greatness

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