>Oh Where Have They Gone

>Oh where, Oh where are all the Warriors gone
Where are the fighters to help our cause move along
Where are the Martin Luthers Malcom X’s of our time
Where are the ones crying out in the Wilderness to find
Who’s going to raise up a nation of leaders
As I look around I see nothing but bottom feeders
I see young Black men being lazy with no hope
Living fast, selling stolen goods and even dope
Credit card scams & fraudulent schemes run amuck
Young ladies selling their self esteem just for a buck
Walking towards honking cars to see what awaits
Using their bodies & souls for a temporary escape
Mothers not telling their young how valuable they are
Young Children looking to rappers who come from afar
Disrespecting themselves and women that are fine
Selling records & their souls just to make a dime
Our World is non-loving, non-caring to the next human being
Its all about being on top, closed eyes, never seeing
What happened to African Kings & Queens of old
What happened to dreams of the Future to behold
What happened to holding yourself to the highest esteem
What happened to hope in the future for things unforeseen
What happened to the Matriach “Big Mama”
Our focus has turned to Saddam or “Osama”
Our Country sending our warriors overseas
to fight for another Country full of Fleas
I have to give it up though for Iraq
their hero is Bin Laden ours is Shaq
Don’t get me wrong I love basketball
but truth be told it don’t love us all
I look forward to Mothers telling their kids the truth
Chipping away at the burden of proof
Who told us that it was okay to give up
Passing away our blessings, good fortune, and luck
I pray for our future to soon be raised
So that I may give God the Glory & the Praise
Oh Where, Oh where are all the Warriors gone
our future in disarray I feel I don’t belong

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

5 thoughts on “>Oh Where Have They Gone

  1. >I really enjoyed this. Being open and honest about life with our children gives them the best chance at succeeding. NO SUGAR COATING! Let's give our kids what they need….Knowledge is power!Roxie

  2. >there are still warriors out there somewhere. but they are also a dying breed. we as black people need to come together and do a better job cause were failing as of people. we were once kings and queens. what happened?

  3. >Knowledge is Power! and yes we as a people do need to come together. We must learn to love & support one another. Somehow we failed to keep the traditions going but we must find a way back.

  4. >This is very nice creative writing but please let's not be quite so fast to stereotype "ALL" of our BLACK brothers and sisters. Some of us actually do listen to Luther Vandross, E.W.& F., Gerald Albright, Kenny G., etc, etc…As for that "Nation of leaders" you speak of, that's a real low blow to all of us good black men who are actually doing the very best we can as husbands, fathers, & leaders. @ Eric…I wrote what I was seeing around me at the time.(This was written over 5 years ago) I have 3 sons myself so I am not belittling my Brothers! I don't believe that I used the term of "ALL" merely asking where have the warriors gone. As far as all the good black men out there, Oh trust me!!! I got some props for you all too that's coming up on my blog spot. Thanks for the comments, I always look forward to hearing what people think no matter the outcome. Poetry is always subjective. Thanks Again!!! Also Eric, I hope you don't mind but I'd like to post your comment on my blog. Let me know if its okay. Thanks! When you open up with "where have all my warriors gone" or something to that degree you actually did include "all" of them in that context, purposely or not. Being a writer myself I can appreciate any and all creative writing such as yours, and yes, it's always subjective, to ones "perspective". No one probably read that and thought to themselves, I'll just wait for the next poem, I'm sure it will depict young black men in a more positive manner, you feel me. I myself would have appreciated such creativity with a more positive twist in the end, then I'd look forward to reading more of the author's work instead of being turned away because of one poem.Keep up the good work, only you can express what you're feeling!I'm fine with you posting my responses, both positive & negative."Eric" Lesson Learned! Considering the men in my life who read it & didn't give me the creative response that you did I could guess because they know me and where I was coming from. Sad thing for someone to be turned away because they didn't agree with one poem, but I'll keep that under careful consideration for the next time. However, the poem did what I wanted it to do though, create dialogue….

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