>What’s Your Story

>Hey Sistah what’s your story
Have you traded in your Crown & Glory
Just entered a class called knowledge 101
Just asking questions and the questions have just begun
Are you an Aristocrat or are you Bougey
Or are you just hanging around acting like a Flussy
Are you well ed-u-ma-cated or just getting by on life
Your question is you want to know “why”
Why am I asking these questions about you
Cause life is short and I know that I do
I want to know about my Sistahs where they’ve been and where they’re going
I want to hear who they’ve become
I want to know “What’s your Story”
Is life breathing upon you the scent of Jasmine & Patchouli
Are you getting that natural high that life gives you truly
Or are you just stopping by not learning a thing
Not enjoying the experiences that life usually brings
Are you living the life you can be proud of
Are you just out there or are you giving love
Is your body a temple with jewels & pearls
Is your spirit broken cause you’ve dated all the girls
Is your mind adorned with gold & silver or is it just hanging in the balance between the
mental and the physical
Are you being the best that you can be or are you just being the best that someone else wants
Is your life truly yours, straight out the box
Or has the closet closed you in with fears & taunts
Do you give love just to receive love or because love was earned
or do you just say its love because that what you’ve learned
Do you give your mind, body, & soul or do you use it like goods bought & sold
Is the pain I see in your eyes from days of old or is that you pain has made you cold
Do you walk around with your head held high
Or is it that you want us to believe nothings gone array
Do you smile when you feel like crying
Or do you smile so we won’t see you dying
Is the true essence of you trying to reach out
Or is it that your essence is gone making you want to shout
When you lay your head down at night
Do your dreams come easy taking flight
Or do you lay on your pillow and cry
Because everything you are makes you hold your head towards the sky
Do you want to run and free yourself daily
Getting out of this hell running from the melee
Is there Heaven on your earth
Or has the hell you’ve received calls for a rebirth
Do the days seem longer and the nights much shorter
Or do you long for your Mother & her for her Daughter.

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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