>To the Daughters of Society

>To every little girl within the sound of my voice
Know that this is your life and you do have a choice
Know that life isn’t always fairytales and puppy-dog dreams
And life is not all Hell as some would make it seem
Know that life is truly what you make it to be
You can live other people’s dreams or you can live out the visions you see
Hey little girl, never let anyone else define who you are
Don’t live by other’s standards which aren’t always up to par
Be the you that you’ve always wanted to be
And do not by all means try to follow another’s destiny
Keep your head up and don’t let your crown fall
Know that you’re not a pauper but a Queen after all
Hey little girl, know that you’re worth more than anything in this world
You are the most Beautiful flower and not just any ole’ girl
Know that the Jewels you have are of prized possessions
And they are not meant to be used for anyone’s confessions
Hey little girl, let wisdom be your teacher
And give in to knowledge letting it be your best feature
Do not let the sway of your hips be the thing that defines you
But let the discretion of your ways be the thing that remains true
Hey little girl, here are the instructions to making you a woman
You must maintain Courage and everything else good that you can summon
For all little girls are destined to be Queens
So hold your head high and always follow your dreams

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