>Playing Games

>Games are often played to see who can hurt who the most
The lasting effects of that relational damage is something not to boast
If everytime you were mad and you didn’t speak when you walked in
Who does that benefit and how does either of you win
What if the time you stayed out late just because the other one did
And when you got back home the other wasn’t there to accept the hand you bid
Or today you were still upset about yesterday’s little fight
So when you were finished cooking you didn’t fix their plate that night
Or what about the time you thought that you would do tit for tat
Causing more damage than necessary because it ended up bigger than just a spat
What if everytime we did something wrong the Creator treated us just like that
Instead of sitting us down to talk he would do the same thing back
Regardless of the actions done it shouldn’t change the character of who we are
By us expressing the same energy it doesn’t make us any better by far
We just keep the drama going because we don’t know how relationships should be
Some of us grew up in dysfunctional homes and we repeat the same things we see
There has to be some point when we grow up and say “We should sit down and talk”
Rather than yelling on each other and away we both shall walk
Mature people know how to react and talk to one another
Rather than begging them to hit you so you could run tell your big Brother
Playing games will never provoke the response that you would expect
Learn how to respond positively so that you can get back to respect

Categories Games Don't Equal Respect

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