>Often we make initial statements about a subject that we strongly believe
We’ll also add unimportant facts to repudiate the statement allowing ourselves a reprieve
Some facts are irrelevant to the point that we are trying to make
But if others are truly listening they’ll know that our disclaimer was a fake
We do not realize that a single word said in opposition can refute what we disclaimed
But luckily there are usually no takers to disprove the very words that we proclaimed
Most often people do not challenge our disclaimers even when they have holes
Not wanting to offend us they think that we’re better off not being told
Others don’t even realize that they have just jumped on the wrong band-wagon
Getting all hyped up on the unimportant details leaving their tails open and dragging
We have all felt a particular way about simple and in-depth subject matter
But keep in mind that usually it is the irrelevant part of the disclaimer that leads us to gather.

Categories Use Disclaimers Wisely

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