>When Love Is Right

>Piercing looks of love that seem to leave you wanting more
Thoughts of love that moves you down to your core
The lingering scent of love running through your mind’s eye
Simple smiles throughout the day that makes others wonder why
Stolen moments from a lovers single touch
Gently reminds you of why you love them so much
Random shudders from thoughts of the night before
Rememberance of new things that you want to explore
Lasting memories of the true essence of being in love
A longing that keeps you soaring high like a dove
Overwhelming emotions ready to be engaged
Titilating images that prove you’re on the same page
Awareness of the physical stimulation
Premonitions of gratifying simulations
Love inspiring the rendition of the most beautiful song
Thinking thoughts “If this is right, I don’t ever want to be wrong”

Categories The Love Chronicles III

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