>Do You?

>What happens when you don’t get all the affection you’re used to getting
Do you look for it elsewhere because what you think is not fitting
Have you thought to ask questions rather than come up with your own conclusion
Or do you keep your thoughts in your own head thus adding more confusion
Do you think that your mate just might be cheating
So then you make plans because you’re thinking about competing
Do you watch to see who your mate just might be looking at
And if they look too long you start a little spat
Do you get a little jealous when your mate starts making friends
Or do you complain about it and stop it before it even begins
Do you allow your mate the trust that he or she deserve
Or do you hold on to them tight like they’re your last life reserve
Do you give your mate the opportunity of self growth
Or do you tell them that their value is less than what they think its worth
If you’ve answered yes to any one of the above questions
You might want to re-evaluate your actions before having hard life lessons.

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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