>A Tribute To You On Your Birthday!


20 years ago today a “Mann” child was born.  You were the most Beautiful bundle of joy.  I can remember wanting nothing but the best for my little warrior.  Knowing that life would give you all the rewards that you so rightfully deserve and all the world was yours to take as you pleased.  The quiet, shy one I would call you but I knew that you would take the World by storm.  You have the dimples, swagger, and heart of your Maternal Family and the strength and character of the Paternal.  You possess the most eloquent gift of them all.  You are the sweetest gift that the Creator could’ve ever given me, a treasure to behold.  As you enter your “Mann”hood I wish nothing but the best for you.  I could not be more proud of your stamina & willingness to be your best at all times.  You are my calm in all the World’s storms.  Thank you for being you as you have allowed me the greatest pleasure ever; Being your Mother.  May God continue to bless you at every turn as  I know the best is yet to come!  I Love You Chauncey!!!!!

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