>I’ve been thinking alot about stories & lives that have been put in front of us for the past 3 to 5 years.  I wanted to think of how they affected me truly.  Some of the Stars we watch have had dysfunctional lives that would make some of us think that our lives were Beautiful or not that bad compared to theirs.  Prior to watching some of these shows I wanted to Pre-judge them but out of curiosity began to watch anyway.  As I watched I began to have an experience, a shared experience with them, and even others that watched.  I learned not to look at book covers but to get down to the meat of the story.  I must say that it is first of all a brave thing to put one’s life out in front for everyone to see but hopefully not for money or about self but to help someone else out, if just one.  Looking at other people and being the type of person that I am, I always think of how I can do better or be better.  Not everyone’s situation matches ours to the “T” but it does give you another option or another way to look at your decisions and make better choices.  My hope is not the glorification of our faults or dysfunction but to make us all seem real & our challenges no matter how simple or in-depth, that we are not alone.

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