>What’s Your Story

>Hey Sistah what’s your storyHave you traded in your Crown & GloryJust entered a class called knowledge 101Just asking questions and the questions have just begunAre you an Aristocrat or are you BougeyOr are you just hanging around acting like a FlussyAre you well ed-u-ma-cated or just getting by on lifeYour question is you wantContinue reading “>What’s Your Story”


>Do you celebrate others when their blessings are flowing or do you decide that their joy is too much for you to handle and you allow the spirit of Jealousy to control you? Do you lend your support to others in need or do you think about that time when no one was there forContinue reading “>Celebrate”

>Life Lessons

>The hardest thing in the world is to try to teach a person something that they do not wish to learn about…”Life”. When you are immature you think that you know all the answers but really you have not been asked all the questions. Giving way to the impartation of wisdom, knowledge, and experience isContinue reading “>Life Lessons”

>Rose Colored Glasses

>It can not be said enough that life is truly the best teacher. Maybe the shedding of the rose colored glasses is a way of “Self Preservation”. The things we’ve learned, those lessons that keeps you from repeating history, teaching you to do things differently, to experience new things but remembering the past so weContinue reading “>Rose Colored Glasses”

>Seeing the Future In Love

>Seeing forever…The day that you can not see in love past today what then? If you can’t see past tomorrow in Love what does that mean? Does that mean that forever is not in the cards? Does it mean when you don’t say “When we grow old” that you won’t? Does it mean that youContinue reading “>Seeing the Future In Love”


>I know you, lover of a specific kind. so gentle and patient . I know that you love unconditional; that you give all just so your mate can be all and have all. You stop short of nothing than giving all of your time, your precious thoughts of purity and hope. You hold your mateContinue reading “>Lover”

>Love A Selfless Act

>Have you ever loved someone so much that you wanted to be part of everything in their life? You wanted to share everything, I mean every little thing. One woman’s smoothering is another woman’s longing. Love is the ultimate thing that you can give another. It’s not a sacrifice its a pleasure. A pleasure toContinue reading “>Love A Selfless Act”

>So Open & Honest

>Have you ever met someone who was so open & honest about themselves and life? The kind of honesty & openness that seem to almost overwhelm you, it touched you so deep that you almost didn’t want to share them with anyone. The purest, most rare quality in someone that you could almost not believeContinue reading “>So Open & Honest”

>Thoughts & Feelings

>We often put our thoughts and feelings out into the universe not to have them judged or scrutinized but in hopes of connecting with someone, or to share bits & pieces of who we are as a person, or to even gain knowledge or insight of others or life itself. Sometimes its just to seeContinue reading “>Thoughts & Feelings”

>Queens All Around Me

>Queens all around me. Beautiful! All kinds of Queens; Tall ones, short ones, middle sized ones, a little heavier than they wanna be Queens, skinny Queens. All walks of life, doing their thing. No matter what their thing is; I see you Queen! That single Mother or that one supportin’ that Brotha. I see youContinue reading “>Queens All Around Me”

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