Empire ~ Lucious Lyon

Lucious Lyon   I think that although Lucious truly hates that his son Jamal is gay, he does love him in his own way. Lucious is ashamed of Jamal and he thinks he’s being hard on him for a reason. I believe that he’s been trying to toughen him up from the first time heContinue reading “Empire ~ Lucious Lyon”

Talk Tuesday- Taraji P. Henson

I had no idea that she likes Taraji P. Henson just as much as I. The commercial for the new series “Empire” came on and we both said “I want to watch that” almost at the same time. I looked over at her and was very surprised that she felt the same way. Sometimes weContinue reading “Talk Tuesday- Taraji P. Henson”

Anti Industry

Okay, I feel ya They’re regulating what we listen to Telling us what’s good and what’s not so there’s a lot of No’s going on so you have to do you how you can and make room for yourself I feel ya… This is the time that  you go get it because you’re hungry NotContinue reading “Anti Industry”