Talk Tuesday ~ Residuals

Talk to me later

after the residuals

of life

have dropped


the ankle



hanging on to your journey


dirt on


about to




not always


one would think

because it




You could do this one of two


pick this up


put that down

That’s so hot to me

the need to

resolve issues

right as they happen

addressin’ em’

as to let go



Sometimes you don’t even

know what you want

until you get it




The One Consistent Thing

What if I got you in a loving way. The way I know how to help you? What could go bad in that? Instantly you want to think of some type of rejection; but what if that doesn’t happen. We’ve all been duped by someone but it was because we weren’t expecting it; It was that we didn’t think it could happen to us. Judas betrayed Jesus and Jesus picked him to be on his team. Why wouldn’t that happen to you? Expect it, but don’t let anyone be the reason for you treating them good and it won’t bother you. You are doing it because God told you so and that should be good enough. Right? Whatchu think?

Think about the one thing that has been consistent throughout your life. What has pulled you in from the rain on your worst days? And whose celebrated with you when you’ve won. Whatever that is, celebrate that. Be loyal to that.

Some people you’ll be able to tell right off that their going to hurt you; but you do what you’re told, because in the end it’ll be you. Standing.

Don’t try to put down the knowledge either when it comes.

When your spirit quivers

at the recognition of the one who will

accept it

at that moment

and don’t try to change it

not notice it

act as if it’s untrue

because it is

it makes you closer to the one thing

that isn’t

What’s your one consistent thing?

Talk Tuesday ~ Do Better

I had a conversation like I haven’t had in a long time. If you knew me, you’d know that I love to listen to good conversation. I wonder for a moment where that person went, it’s been so long. I used to be a good listener and last night reminded me just how much I do love it. Listening to hear the experiences of others; pieces of their journeys shared from their lips to my ears. I always get something, mostly confirmation.

I woke up this morning after listening to the most wonderful and poignant, and sincerely relevant to this current time, conversation. A conversation so real that you couldn’t help but listen. We talked about a myriad of things but what was interesting to me was to hear how deficient some of us are. Not just that, but how there are those of us who aren’t deficient in that particular area have decided to keep going. Sometimes wanting to stop to pick a few people up but the higher you go you aren’t warranted to do so. My question was “why” why are we so deficient in our thinking and ultimate doing. Why are we prone to not seek, no, require of ourselves to do more. To do better. Although I ponder that question it was stated that people don’t know. They just say and do some of the darnedest things at the darnedest times because they don’t know any better. I chuckled in amazement as in disbelief but with careful thought you realize how sad it is that we don’t know when to say and do things in its most opportune times.

The time in which we were speaking of was during interviews. Not sure how we got on the subject but we began to talk about the things people say in interviews. So candid at times it’s almost personal. Like people don’t know where to draw the line. I wondered “Don’t they have to take a personal development class in school? Don’t they have to do mock interviews anymore?”  (My mind going through a series of questions?) People can’t keep just going on like this. We know that we have to do something. We don’t always know what to do but we have to do more than just not do anything. We must learn to be more strategic in what we do and say, and when to do and say it. I don’t know any other way around that.

Just as quick as I had thought about the past I began to wonder why or when did we lose the ability to do so? Then my partner questioned our friends in asking “why not still hire the person because you could see how their street skills could benefit the office?” we were speaking of a young lady who we could tell was smart but she just wasn’t office ready from her tone to her gestures. Just then our dear friends both pointed out that we don’t always have time to stop and pick others up. At some point they have to do it themselves because the train is leaving the station and we don’t know how late they will be getting to the destination. Basically, she expects if she is hiring someone for a specific position that they come ready to fulfill all of the attributes of that position. She cannot sabotage the team for one.

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Talk Tuesday ~Keep Going

When you’re ready it’ll come

seize it

as if you know it

cause you do


this opportunity

was designed

just for you

no one can

do it better


When it’s time to move



try to get

in the way

don’t let nothing

stop you

be diligent


What if I had to go

find the way

what if the way I was


‘was’ death

not just for me

so I had to do

something different

what if my path

was not yours


No matter what

I’m proud

I’m proud

for all of us

we’re all going

to a different


I get to see it

and I’m thrilled

I like to watch

from a distance

so I don’t


or disrupt

the natural flow

still tipping in

when needed

but letting


walk like

you walk

within reason

but without restraint

I just want to keep going. ~KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO


Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage

Screenshot_2014-12-28-08-48-03-1It’s hard to engage people when

you don’t want to gossip, just talking about people

I want to talk to people

who are trying to better their

lives and know what are some of

the ways they are doing it.

We can be superficial on here

and just shoot the *shizzle* but

how much more do we know about us, about ourselves

if we did

what challenges are we over-taking

because we’re really

trying to do better

I’m trying to shape the

world I live in I don’t want

to go too long without conversations

that does more than skim the surface or

go just below it

Everything that I say

about you I could probably

find something like it in me

so instead of talking

about one another why

don’t we talk about ourselves

what we do and how

we can do better

and how we do, do better

Let’s start having some real

conversations about things

we might be struggling

with and maybe

someone has been through

it before and how they

dealt with it

how much better could we

be if we just lived


and tried to help each


we’re all on different


I know it’s uncomfortable

but we’ve got to feel


it’s what’s missing right now

in the world


#KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO


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Talk Tuesday- Taraji P. Henson

I had no idea that she likes Taraji P. Henson just as much as I. The commercial for the new series “Empire” came on and we both said “I want to watch that” almost at the same time. I looked over at her and was very surprised that she felt the same way. Sometimes we don’t share the same view for some actors, shows, and movies. I exclaimed “I love me some Taraji P. Henson!”

We began to talk about who we thought Taraji to be as a person. Roxie said joyfully “I think that Taraji and I could be friends” I said “Yeah, I could see that.” We both agreed that Taraji seems to be down to earth

Several days prior I was finishing up my vision board for 2015 and was going through a box of magazines that Roxie had brought me from her mother’s house. I came across an October 2014 article about Taraji in Ebony Magazine. I learned quite a bit about her. Usually when I say that I love someone it’s not because I know them personally but because I love their work, gift, or craft.

Photo by: Sherry Nields for Ebony Magazine (NY Daily News)
Photo by: Sherry Nields for Ebony Magazine (NY Daily News)

Ebony’s Editor-in-Chief Mitzi Miller asked Taraji “What’s one thing that your status hasn’t been able to help with?” Taraji’s response was surprising but not. I shared with my partner that Taraji had stated that she is “still fighting for basic shit career wise.” That she has every accolade that is required of an A-List actor but she is still treated like she is on the D-List.

We began to talk about the list of movies and shows Taraji had been in and how we both loved her in “Baby Boy”. Roxie stated that Taraji had not been in any A-List movies and that she needed a role that would catapult her to the A-list. I said and how will she do that?  Look at all the so-called A-List movies, in them were all casted by white actresses. Think of any black actress that you could see playing the lead role in any A-List movie that you’ve seen. Roxie paused a moment to think of one. She spouted out “Halle Berry” I said “in Hollywood Halle is not black.  Name any black actress outside of Halle who’s played a bond girl.” She said “you’re right.” We began to talk about Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. These are both great actresses but still haven’t really quite gotten their just due. Yes, sure Viola has HTGAWM but she has been deserving of so much more for a long time.

I began to get upset, not that I had just realized it but now it’s time to really talk about it. Black actors and actress will only reach a certain level in “Hollywood” we need these young black filmmakers and writers to come together to create not a “Black” Hollywood but opportunities for black actors and actress to have the same level of success. We need to come together to make good quality movies about every aspect of the black life and we need to be supportive of each other whether that is our story, or not. We have to realize that the black life is exponentially diverse and not one dimensional.

Some of us get upset at Tyler Perry or other filmmakers for making films that we think may do damage to the community as a whole but we must realize that ‘All” black stories are worthy to be told. The black experience being vast deserves to be explored in every way possible. If we try to control the stories that we think really matters then we aren’t open to change, and leave ourselves limited in our thinking. This is why we think that being black means one thing only and we try to place every black person in the same black box and when they do not fit we say that they aren’t black enough or whatever else we say to try to control them into being the kind of black that we are.

Just at that point I got upset even more because I began to think of ways that we contribute to what the standards in Hollywood say when we don’t go to the movies to support these people. “We have some talented actors but they will never reach the level of their potential if we don’t support them. If we don’t stop with the boot-legged CD’s and actually go out to a movie to watch these actors they won’t get the numbers they really need to be number one or A-List.”

There are quite a few reasons why the black actor has to work twice as hard and sometimes still do not come out on top. The least we can do as black people is see their work and support them.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below. #KaiologyInk


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