they’re all so very different let’s all work together we all do something different we’re fighting about doing something we aren’t even supposed to be doing distracted instead of focusing on what we do and how we do it and let’s use what we do to make our own way not trying to do whatContinue reading “Right”

I Will Never Forget

I keep thinking I’m going to forget something that I’m trying to remember it all lips…love…hips bones features structures taste your neck down to your back laced with tattoos I wonder if it’s still there moving together in unison catching each others beat rocking from side to side tears wet with love so deep waterContinue reading “I Will Never Forget”


It’s time for some upbeat music I’ve been solemn far too long I want to laugh again throw my head past my shoulders almost hitting myself in the back face toward the ceiling that was some good ole’ laughter not even sure what it was about but I remember how it made me feel IContinue reading “Again”

Senses Heightened

My sense heightened I just need a minute to think time to get with self time to rub my scalp with my own thoughts how I feel about whatever I need to talk with me to see how I feel just to check in it used to overwhelm me I kept doing it then todayContinue reading “Senses Heightened”

Anti Industry

Okay, I feel ya They’re regulating what we listen to Telling us what’s good and what’s not so there’s a lot of No’s going on so you have to do you how you can and make room for yourself I feel ya… This is the time that ¬†you go get it because you’re hungry NotContinue reading “Anti Industry”