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Are you scared to write that story?


Sylvia Hubbard Amazon PhotoThis week my Interracial Erotic,  A LITTLE BIT OF SIN, hit #1 on one of Amazon’s Bestsellers list. I was ecstatic because I had overshot an author shero of mine, Zane and her book Addicted.

A Little Bit of Sin didn’t start as an erotic. Matter of face none of my books never really plan on being erotic. It was just one scenario in A Little Bit of Sin which stood out in my mind and somehow sensuality found its way to weave into the story.

I was recently asked by colleagues am I ever scared of what ppl will think of me when they read one of my books

Before I answer that question I would like to talk a moment about fear. To me fear keeps us from doing a lot the things we want to do – a lot of simple challenges and from the most extraordinary adventures life has to offer..

Four Letters!!

Fear will keep a rich man poor

Fear will keep a smart man dumb

How can four letters do so much damage to the human spirit?

Fear is like a fly.

You know that fly that appears out of nowhere when you’ve decided to use a once in a lifetime opportunity to settle down and watch a good movie. Yet this fly keeps landing on the TV. You spend so much time trying to swat the fly and get it away you end up missing the movie.

I’ve learned before I do anything, lets squash the fly before we even start!


Kill it! Lay it flat! Murder the fear until there is no way and no how it can come back.

That fear is your fly! Handle it!

So to answer the question, do I get scared of what people will say when they read my books?

I had a fear about it, but I took my own advice and squash the fear long before I started writing the book.

I’m confident my story is good and readers will enjoy

Now I can’t guarantee that the fear will no longer come back or another version of the fear will return. There are a lot of flies in the world. Catch my drift?

…On to kill the next fly, so I can write some more.


The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

My Little Sister’s Keeper

Today was an awesome day!  But before I tell you about why it was so awesome I have to share with you my slip up. If you’ve been following my blog then you know that I am working to better myself so that I can become my sister’s keeper.  First I have to tell you a little about me. I tell you it’s not really easy sharing my faults with people but in order for me to be better and do better I’ve got to put it all out there.

When I’m learning a new task I am the kind of person that can hear something once and I’ve got it; as long as it’s something that’s in my line of work.  You don’t have to go into extra detail about why it should be done a particular way because more often than not I have an idea of why a task should be done a certain way. If someone is going into details with a long drawn out conversation my mind will go someplace else. I promise I don’t have adult ADD, I just have so much going on in my mind that it will say “Hey, we already know this” so it will choose to think about something else.  When someone starts talking about something I already have an idea of my mind will change course. The saying take what you need and throw away what you don’t is true with my brain! LOL!

Well, here is the kicker. I have to remind myself that everyone is not like me. Sometimes when the shoe is on the other foot and I’m the one in the teaching mode I have to be more detailed and give more information.  Sometimes this is hard because if I believe a person should already know this, I can get a little impatient. Today I realized that I can be a little condescending as well. Guess what? I had to pop myself with the rubber band and I also had to apologize for my behavior. I was being condescending to my sister and I felt it and although she didn’t say anything it was my job to not only recognize it, call myself out, and apologize for it. So that was today’s slip up!

Now, on to the awesomeness!  A couple of weeks ago a co-worker who I’ve been talking to about my goal of becoming my sister’s keeper (the same one I was being condescending to  earlier today) asked me to talk with her freshman volleyball team that she coaches. She said that she wanted me to talk to them because I’m always positive. (Maybe she didn’t really mean always) Anyway, she wanted me to talk with these young ladies because of the negative atmosphere that they were creating at practice. Some of the girls were non-supportive, talking about each other, and being mean to one another.  When she asked me if I did speaking engagements I laughed because I thought she was joking but when she said she was serious, I agreed to do it. Although I’ve been speaking out loud in my car and around the house about what I would say to these young ladies for the past couple of days, I have to admit that I was a little anxious.

Before I left work and headed to the girls’ practice I prayed. I prayed that the Creator would give me the words to speak to these young ladies and to let them see him and not me.  On the way there I was listening to the CD from The Gospel soundtrack. By the time I got to the girls practice I was ready. The words just flowed! I got down on the floor with them and as an ice breaker I asked them about the reality TV shows that they all had been watching and to tell me something positive from those shows. When I tell you that I was so proud of myself when I was done speaking with them that would be an understatement. I was so proud that the Creator chose me. Me of all people.  The one who was condescending earlier. And the one who isn’t perfect. Talking with them confirmed for me that the Creator can use anyone. He could have chosen someone more articulate, or someone who specializes in these types of issues. But he allowed me to be the one and that’s why my day was so awesome!

Below is the song that I was listening to on my way to speak with the team.