20 Year Anniversary In the D

This month marks my twenty year anniversary living in “The D”. I remember 20 years ago when I moved here in July we were still wearing jackets and I thought “Will they ever have a summer?” Two days after I got here there were 13 tornadoes that hit Detroit some near the 8-mile area whereContinue reading “20 Year Anniversary In the D”

Open Your Eyes

You can’t watch it if you’re closing your eyes you’ve got to see it to get it “Don’t close your eyes” Go back and see what you’ve done so you can understand where you are right¬†now Sometimes I want to close my eyes too afraid to see if I’ve made a mistake why I doContinue reading “Open Your Eyes”

Don’t Take Too Long

If you’re going to do it Don’t take too long Getting it together or trying Cause The longer you do,, The less time You have to enjoy yourself. I mean “Really enjoy it” Whatever it is Try to do it better If not better, different just a little bit at a time You don’t haveContinue reading “Don’t Take Too Long”