Live Today

Live today

like it’s going to be

your last

whatever it is

that you

want to do

That  takes a lot

because you have to



that moment

could be

the last

first of all


to ask yourself

what would you like to do

with it


be okay with whatever

it is

at that moment

How many times

have you wanted

to do something

but were afraid

to do it

you gotta get past


to live

like it’s the last day

of your life

every moment

I wonder if

it’s worth it

Almost Stalker


You ever had someone stalk you

That you were surprised that it was happening

Because of the person now doing it

And you find out that it’s about to be you

And you have to say

If you don’t drive away

Uh! (shaking my head)

I wonder if that was about to happen to someone else…