In the past I’ve been afraid Afraid to say “I need more” thinking that you’d think I was weak Been afraid to be ‘happy’ thought I didn’t deserve it not really I never said it to myself at least not out loud but all of my actions said so carrying old wounds scars bruises andContinue reading “Afraid”

Open Your Eyes

You can’t watch it if you’re closing your eyes you’ve got to see it to get it “Don’t close your eyes” Go back and see what you’ve done so you can understand where you are right¬†now Sometimes I want to close my eyes too afraid to see if I’ve made a mistake why I doContinue reading “Open Your Eyes”

Live Today

Live today like it’s going to be your last whatever it is that you want to do That ¬†takes a lot because you have to realize that that moment could be the last first of all And to ask yourself what would you like to do with it and be okay with whatever it isContinue reading “Live Today”

Light or Darkness

Imprints on my heart Can be seen as scars Light seen as Darkness Too afraid To walk in it because it doesn’t seem natural It’s not the way others would go but The risk is necessary to be Different to do something more Called to impart words Called to ask questions Called to produce thoughtsContinue reading “Light or Darkness”

Past Thoughts: July 29, 2013

I was talking to my partner about people having love and being too afraid of putting themselves out there because of the what-ifs in life. What if tomorrow we’re no longer together or our situation changes? So, what if it does? We should still show how we feel today, live in the moment of loveContinue reading “Past Thoughts: July 29, 2013”