Are we so desperate for love that we’ll go online No background checks, no checking up behind Holding our lives up for years on people who do not allow us to see Then when we gaze upon them we don’t understand why they aren’t the person they said they’d be Do we really believe thatContinue reading “Catfish”

We Got That

We got that kinda love that’s deeper than any depth That creep up on ya kinda love that’s soul kept That kinda get up in your lap and hold me kinda love Like that feeling you get from the breathe on the back of your neck or just above That kinda love that says IContinue reading “We Got That”

How Could You?

How could you love someone and not know who they are How could you pay attention to their essence up close if you’re so far How could you not hear the words that go unspoken How could you allow their spirit to become broken How could you not love so deep as to hear HowContinue reading “How Could You?”

It Could’ve Gone Another Way

Photo By: Stasys Eidiejus Oh! It is such a beautiful day Just to think it could’ve gone another way To know that I could’ve missed the sun on my skin Or not see another day to begin To know that when it counts you have my back Even when I complain you still pick upContinue reading “It Could’ve Gone Another Way”

Thirty Day (Review)

What a good and thought-provoking story. I found that I was questioning myself throughout the book: Am I living a lie? Am I living the life that I think I should? I love books that spark something in me causing me to dig deep. Like you, I too believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.Continue reading “Thirty Day (Review)”

>Planting Seeds & Producing Fruit

> Photo By: Valeriy Kirsanov Seeds carried with me wherever I go Sometimes they’re planted so deep that the fruit takes a while to show Removing the weeds from the uncultivated parts of my mind When the harvest approaches it’s right on time Seeds enriched with the best process of fertilization Carefully developed and maturedContinue reading “>Planting Seeds & Producing Fruit”

>Over-Analyzed Love

> Photo By: Maida Terzic Unconsciously over analyzing love to decide whether it’s right or wrong Fearfully unyielding to love until pushed away and gone Love, over-analyzed to its death before it could even start Weak to the possibilities of “what if“, we tend to break our own hearts Falling victim to personal distress ofContinue reading “>Over-Analyzed Love”