if I can’t be me

Sometimes I look at my life

I see what I’m missing

and I want that

I hear that the second


is better

I bet it is

I think about

all the things

I’ve learned

and the things

I can


then I think about


that I

need to be


life expresses lessons

through the people

you meet

they teach

you and you

teach them

it’s give

and take

whether you know it or not

Actions to Reactions

to more action

and reaction

or not

I think a little bump every now

and then is okay

I’m seeing it as


everything can’t be easy

it won’t be worth it.

if I can’t be me

because you don’t

like it

that’s okay

we don’t have to force anything


we don’t have to talk bad

about one another

we can agree

to disagree


#Kaism #Kai2pointO

Author Feature~ Andrea Daniel

‘What’s In A Name’

There are some cultures that use rituals when naming a baby. I recently read the blog Just Genesis about African Naming Practices, which states:


Giving a child a meaningful name in Africa requires accepting that the child has a personal dignity right from the moment of conception that needs to be respected and protected. This respect for the dignity of the newly born is symbolized through practices associated with the naming ceremony. Among the Yorubas of Western Nigeria, water is dabbed on the child´s face during the ceremony to symbolize the child´s purity and the importance of having no enemies. In some other African countries, honey and bitter kolanuts represent the sweet and bitter dimensions of the life that the child is about to begin.

I’ve also heard of parents who waited seven days before naming their children. They watched to learn their baby’s attributes through facial expressions and little mannerisms, to determine what revealed itself, for the sake of their names.


When I as born, there was no ritual. I was the last of three children. My parents named my brother, the eldest, and my brother named my sister. My mother said she named me Andrea, (pronounced Ahn-dria) because it sounded soft and peaceful. She was very purposeful in the pronunciation – the beginning carries the “ah” sound at the back of the throat, rather than the nasal “an,” often used for the name. She said it sounded warmer.

It’s a name I didn’t particularly like as a little girl. It sounded stern, and oldish. Not at all fitting for a child who liked to play. I really wanted the name Carmen.


I believe this desire came after I saw the movie “Carmen Jones,” starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belefonte.

Carmen. The character was beautiful. She was sassy, sexy and feisty. She got her way. She didn’t take stuff from anybody. Though she was a bit of a troublemaker, I wanted those “Carmen” attributes, although I was skinny, and in elementary school.


I’ve since learned to appreciate my name, which is the feminine of Andre or Andrew. I‘ve looked up its meaning, which is “manly,” with its feminine counterpart “womanly,” a rather boring description. But through a friend, Reshounn who does name analyses through what she calls the NaMe Project, I’ve learned a great deal about my name. This is from a recent analysis she performed:


Of Latin, your name means “beloved one filled with grace”.

Ps 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


The name of Andrea gives you a clever, quick, and analytical mind. Your idealistic and sensitive nature gives you a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity. It is far easier for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings through writing than verbally. As such, you find pleasure in literature, in poetry, and in your ideals and will turn to them when you feel you have been misunderstood. You are deeply moved by the beauties of life, especially nature.


I was touched by this analysis. Reshounn also suggested doing a word unscramble of my name. I got words like and, ear, dear, end, ran, near, read… just fun stuff. (I also did one of my middle and last names, which revealed even more words that relate to my life.)


Turns out, I’m glad I didn’t change my name to Carmen, though I badly wanted to. As I learned from Reshounn’s name research, we are, in essence, our names.


Andrea Daniel is a lifelong poet, with work in publications and as part of a visual poetry exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. When she’s not writing poetry, Andrea is a freelance writer for various publications. She also has freelanced for an internationally distributed arts and entertainment magazine. Andrea is co-owner/operator of Dakota Avenue West Publishing and copywriter, editor and voice over artist with her own small business, AND Communications. She is a member of the Motown Writer’s Network, and the Michigan Literary Network and is producer of the Michigan Literary Network’s Internet radio show on blogtalkradio.com. Additionally, she is a registered songwriter with BMI. She lives in Detroit, Michigan with her son and a sweet little Terrier-Poodle-mix named Dot.

Author: Andrea Daniel

Website: http://www.andreadanielpoet.com/

Twitter: @andi2747

Facebook: Andrea Daniel


Like Gwendolyn, Andrea Daniel’s debut book of poetry, epitomizes nearly forty years of her life as a poet. The first chapter, “Life, death and stuff in between,” is about just that, as Andrea or someone else has experienced or she imagined it to be. “Love and such,” depicts love in its many forms. As a survivor of domestic violence, Andrea shares in “Abused Tales,” poems written in her years of recovery. And she wrote the poems in “Love for Jay,” the final chapter, during the frequent periods of separation from her (now adult) son in his early childhood years. It is the legacy of poet Gwendolyn Brooks and the beauty of her work that inspired the completion of this book.





The One Consistent Thing

What if I got you in a loving way. The way I know how to help you? What could go bad in that? Instantly you want to think of some type of rejection; but what if that doesn’t happen. We’ve all been duped by someone but it was because we weren’t expecting it; It was that we didn’t think it could happen to us. Judas betrayed Jesus and Jesus picked him to be on his team. Why wouldn’t that happen to you? Expect it, but don’t let anyone be the reason for you treating them good and it won’t bother you. You are doing it because God told you so and that should be good enough. Right? Whatchu think?

Think about the one thing that has been consistent throughout your life. What has pulled you in from the rain on your worst days? And whose celebrated with you when you’ve won. Whatever that is, celebrate that. Be loyal to that.

Some people you’ll be able to tell right off that their going to hurt you; but you do what you’re told, because in the end it’ll be you. Standing.

Don’t try to put down the knowledge either when it comes.

When your spirit quivers

at the recognition of the one who will

accept it

at that moment

and don’t try to change it

not notice it

act as if it’s untrue

because it is

it makes you closer to the one thing

that isn’t

What’s your one consistent thing?

I wish I could’ve

I won’t always be here

I want to leave

my words

in the air

as they hang

like notes

soothing the ear

to a gentle


just long


to hear

what’s for you

I pray you

hear me

when I talk to


I stand with


and if I could’ve

only had someone

to tell me

the things

I tell you

but I guess this

is how it’s

supposed to be

I lost her a long time


but now I worry

that I don’t know

that I might’ve

lost you too

I hope you hear


when I

talk to you

I try to adjust

my tone

as I’m learning

just like


and sometimes

at the same

time as you

in my own way

but someone has

to do what’s

Right so we

can tell the other

how good it is

I love you so much

this the best

way I know


it’s my way

I hope you know


The one thing we can’t


is tell the future

allow room for one

one that you want

to live


and not under stress

you can make it as hard

or as easy

as you want

slow down ~KaiologyInk

#Kaism #Kai2pointO


A Shift Happened

There have been people

to come and help

along the way

I often wonder

if they knew

that’s what

they were doing

my heart

feels it



A shift happened

let’s me


I’ve stepped into

something new

I’m trying to figure

out my rhythm

so excuse

me if I feel




I’ll recalibrate


just gotta get acclimated

but it won’t be




#KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO

Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage

Screenshot_2014-12-28-08-48-03-1It’s hard to engage people when

you don’t want to gossip, just talking about people

I want to talk to people

who are trying to better their

lives and know what are some of

the ways they are doing it.

We can be superficial on here

and just shoot the *shizzle* but

how much more do we know about us, about ourselves

if we did

what challenges are we over-taking

because we’re really

trying to do better

I’m trying to shape the

world I live in I don’t want

to go too long without conversations

that does more than skim the surface or

go just below it

Everything that I say

about you I could probably

find something like it in me

so instead of talking

about one another why

don’t we talk about ourselves

what we do and how

we can do better

and how we do, do better

Let’s start having some real

conversations about things

we might be struggling

with and maybe

someone has been through

it before and how they

dealt with it

how much better could we

be if we just lived


and tried to help each


we’re all on different


I know it’s uncomfortable

but we’ve got to feel


it’s what’s missing right now

in the world


#KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO


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Times up


it seems like all

their times to go

are now

they are leaving here

I contemplate


how close




Times Up, Kai Mann © 2014

Like It’s Our Job

We worry about the stupidest


wasting  time on somebody


what they’re doing

who they’re doing it


when we could be doing

it ourselves

if we didn’t

say “Yes, I’ll have

some distraction please”

So we don’t have to do anything

we’re too busy making other people

responsible for just trying

like it’s our job