if I can’t be me

Sometimes I look at my life I see what I’m missing and I want that I hear that the second half is better I bet it is I think about all the things I’ve learned and the things I can teach then I think about things that I need to be taught life expresses lessonsContinue reading “if I can’t be me”

Author Feature~ Andrea Daniel

‘What’s In A Name’ There are some cultures that use rituals when naming a baby. I recently read the blog Just Genesis about African Naming Practices, which states:   Giving a child a meaningful name in Africa requires accepting that the child has a personal dignity right from the moment of conception that needs toContinue reading “Author Feature~ Andrea Daniel”

The One Consistent Thing

What if I got you in a loving way. The way I know how to help you? What could go bad in that? Instantly you want to think of some type of rejection; but what if that doesn’t happen. We’ve all been duped by someone but it was because we weren’t expecting it; It wasContinue reading “The One Consistent Thing”

I wish I could’ve

I won’t always be here I want to leave my words in the air as they hang like notes soothing the ear to a gentle submission just long enough to hear what’s for you I pray you hear me when I talk to you I stand with you and if I could’ve only had someoneContinue reading “I wish I could’ve”

A Shift Happened

There have been people to come and help along the way I often wonder if they knew that’s what they were doing my heart feels it so deep A shift happened let’s me know I’ve stepped into something new I’m trying to figure out my rhythm so excuse me if I feel a little offContinue reading “A Shift Happened”

Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage

It’s hard to engage people when you don’t want to gossip, just talking about people I want to talk to people who are trying to better their lives and know what are some of the ways they are doing it. We can be superficial on here and just shoot the *shizzle* but how much moreContinue reading “Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage”

Like It’s Our Job

We worry about the stupidest things wasting  time on somebody else what they’re doing who they’re doing it with when we could be doing it ourselves if we didn’t say “Yes, I’ll have some distraction please” So we don’t have to do anything we’re too busy making other people responsible for just trying like it’sContinue reading “Like It’s Our Job”