Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage

It’s hard to engage people when you don’t want to gossip, just talking about people I want to talk to people who are trying to better their lives and know what are some of the ways they are doing it. We can be superficial on here and just shoot the *shizzle* but how much moreContinue reading “Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage”


We all come into this world who we are meant to be the longer we live we’re supposed to learn how to use those gifts insideĀ of us to maneuver in the world Some gifts seem like weaknesses but they aren’t they are really your strengths when you discover how to use your weaknesses to yourContinue reading “Weaknesses”


Everyone who you think doesn’t want to be there does Know that everything and everyone isn’t for the wrong thing Some people in the world are right But you have to pay attention and listen to your intuition because it knows it tests spirits